the art of creating

My work is a fusion of imagination, process, and organic, intuitive painting. I am inspired by the earth, and my process begins in communion with nature. 

Once I enter my studio, I blend and remix images, creating imagined landscapes and layers of botanical color and texture. Most of these are my own photographs, highly manipulated and mingled with other digital imagery. The result is a dreamscape of my observations and reverence for the natural world, with compositions that range from distant horizons to  views through a macro lens.

Printed with archival inks on photographic paper, I then begin another layering process, this time with resin and paint. Poured liquid over the surface, each resin layer is carefully controlled to encase the photographic base. In-between the cured resin surfaces, I apply paint with a highly intuitive and gestural process. I use palette knives, brushes and repurposed tools, to drive my mark making and give added depth.