studio practice

I live and work overlooking Buck Bay on Orcas Island in the Salish Sea off the mainland of Washington state. 

My environment is just as much a part of my practice as my work in the studio. I spend most days hiking with my dog through beautiful forests and along cliffs overlooking the water, cruising aboard our 37-foot sailboat, crabbing, taking photographs, cooking, and creating artwork in my studio.



My work is a fusion between photography and painting. 

I begin with a photo, or several photos. Working primarily in Photoshop, I blend, paint and manipulate the images into something unrecognizable from the original photo.

​I then add multiple layers of gestural brushwork. Each painted layer is either burned into wax, or encased between additional layers of poured resin. The encaustic wax medium provides a soft, dreamlike quality, while the finished resin piece has a vibrant, high-gloss finish.