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window into nature

“then there is the poppy, with its flame red petals that quickly fall as the fruit ripens into its familiar capsule, the crop of seeds trapped inside, rattling like miniature maracas until the cap lifts and they are eventually dispersed.” - wolfgang stuppy, “SEEDS: Time Capsules of Life”

Carried on a breeze, the feathery seeds of weeds, flowers and grasses embed in the soil. Nourished by the rich earth, rain and sun, they grow and entwine with flora planted in seasons past. It is a delirious dance. Intermingled life presses against a window and recedes into chaotic abundance.

The garden untended is free to flourish in its own natural way. By freeing our lives from self-constraint, we can become like that forgotten garden: self-propagating, self-nurturing, and self-flourishing.

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